Kepler Chevreux Invest

Preferred Capital


Kepler Cheuvreux Invest’s team is specialized in mezzanine and quasi-equity financing for SMEs and MidCaps with profitable business models, to support their growth, management takeover or transmission.

Kepler Cheuvreux Invest has made +45 investments, alongside independent, solid and ambitious management teams, as well as private equity funds.

Kepler Cheuvreux Invest ensures that it plays an active role in all its operations, both in structuring transactions and in monitoring performances, with a constant concern to preserve the alignment of interests between the parties.

Our assets :

  • Proven expertise in arranging transactions and monitoring performances (+45 investments)
  • A team of entrepreneurs, experienced, concerned about bringing their added value to the management teams of the supported companies 
  • A deal-flow built on 20 years of presence in the private equity market
  • A recognized capacity for support, and a strong interest in Sponsored Management operations

Mezzanine and Quasi-Equity

Mezzanine and quasi-equity are traditionally used to complete the financing needs between traditional debt and equity, and therefore offer an intermediate risk/return profile.

Mezzanine and quasi-equity are perfectly suited to Sponsored Management operations as a non-dilutive long-term financing solution: takeover by managers, buyouts of minority shareholders, transformative acquisitions, strengthening of equity capital and restructuring of the shareholding structure.

Mezzanine is also a suitable solution for traditional transmission operations (LBOs).

We most often invest in the form of Bonds with Warrants (OBSA), Convertible Bonds (OC), or Preferred Shares. Our remuneration is generally made through a combination of cash and/or capitalized interest (i.e. paid and/or in fine} and Warrants giving access to value creation in a non-dilutive way.

Our Investment Strategy

EBITDA : 5-50 M€

Ticket : 5-20 M€
Underwriting 30 M€

Credit Opportunities

Obligations / OBSA