Kepler Chevreux Invest

Private Debt


Since 2012, private financing has emerged as the alternative to bank financing, to support the growth phases of companies that do not have access to public debt markets.

KCI has built a team of investors who have contributed, from the outset, to the development of this form of financing for MidCaps. The team has already supported many entrepreneurs, and now enjoys the full support of the Kepler Cheuvreux group, in France and Europe, in order to offer growing companies financing solutions to successfully carry out their development projects.

Our assets :

  • A professional and experienced team
  • An offer of bullet loan financing with maturities up to 8 years
  • Autonomous know-how in structuring and arranging financing
  • A proven ability to execute transactions and support management

Senior Financing

Senior debt financing provides MidCaps with medium and long-term stability of their resources. They are complementary to bank financing and are ranked at the same level of seniority.

This stability makes it possible to tackle growth projects with a strengthened financial structure.

We invest in bonds or loans.

Our Investment Strategy

Company Size :
50-1,500 M€

Financing Size :

5-30 M€

In fine
5-8 years

Senior Debt

in loan or bond format